Our values

We are Pharma Resources - and as a team, we rely on common values: courage, performance, trust, responsibility, respect, integrity and transparency – these are the basis for our company's success.

Day after day, these values determine our actions toward customers and business partners – as well as within our team.

Courage opens doors to the future.

Whoever seeks to create something new must part ways with that which is familiar. Even when changes are sometimes unsettling, we venture to break new ground day after day. In co-operation with you, we apply our courage and our team's abandon in order to always be one step ahead of established processes.

Performance enables our company's success.

Whoever is not just interested in one's own success but is also willing to assume responsibility for customers' success must reliably and constantly perform at the highest possible level. We only promise what we can deliver – and take action rather than talking too extensively about it. After all, we know: Your success depends not on our promises, but on our performance for you!

Responsibility determines our actions as a company.

Assuming responsibility for people is the good reason for companies in the pharmaceutical industry to critically examine each step in their value creation chain with the highest quality and safety standard – regardless of whether this takes place in-house or externally. Since we know that, you can rely on our delivering only that which we can stand behind with a clear conscience.

Respect establishes partnership-based co-operation.

Whether within our team or in contact with you – in the context of our business relationships, we strive for a spirit of co-operation which in the context of all of our specialised scientific expertise is based on respect for different insights, practises and experiences. This is the only way that we can learn from each other and benefit each other.

Integrity ensures our credibility.

Only someone who takes action day by day in keeping with personal convictions, standards and moral concepts can be true to oneself and a reliable and at any time credible partner to a counterpart. That's why in our dealings with you, we do not float with the tide – rather, we are who we are – today, tomorrow and likewise the day after tomorrow.

Transparency permits mutual trust.

To trust a person requires the ability to be certain of one's expectations of the other person. Also, requires the ability to be certain of this itself requires the understanding of that person's logic and manner of action. In order to be able to be understood, we at Pharma Resources rely on maximum transparency in everything we do – our preparatory effort to ensure a trusting relationship with you!